Foraged Christmas Garland & Table Centrepiece

At home or at work I love the feeling of having successfully pulled off a project and made something from scratch. Every year we hand make Christmas tree decorations, but this time I wanted to combine my well documented love of foraging with the joy of hand making.

It started with a forage. I went out just looking for holly, but was surprised to find some lovely purple berries, as well as holly and ivy, all of which I was able to use in my garland.

I already has some thin green gardening wire from my plant growing experiments, so I used that as the base for my garland. I made it into a rough circle by wrapping it around the top of a large mixing bowl. Because the wire was quite thin I had to do a lot of rotations, and wrap the wire round and round itself to keep it from totally losing it’s shape. Even after that it was, if I’m honest, only a rough approximation of a circle, but since Ivy is quite structural it was good to go.

I took the longest pieces of Ivy and wrapped them around the wire, again weaving in and out to try to make it more structurally strong. I tucked the ends in, and I also used a little extra wire to hold them in place, so avoid any surprises later.

I repeated the process again and again with the holly and the ivy to build up a strong base shape, securing each piece with wire.

When the base is strong start intertwining any extra pieces you have, I saved holly with red berries for this stage, as well as the lovely purple berries I collected earlier that day.

If you want this to be a garland all you need to do is thread some red or gold ribbon through the top, tie in a big beautiful bow, and hang on the door ready to make the neighbours jealous.

To make a table decoration put on top of a heatproof surface and put mini candles in the middle – being careful they don’t touch the foliage.



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