A Very Foodie Christmas – Edible Tree Decorations

Once we had the Christmas tree home from the park, up the stairs, and wedged into its bucket with bricks, we wanted to do what we’ve done for the past few years – make sure (almost) every decoration was edible.

I’m not sure how this started, or why we like it so much, but there’s something satisfying about being able to say that everything on the tree can be eaten, and most of it you’ve made yourself.

For the last couple of years we’ve made salt dough – but to be honest, what is more or less a rock solid lump of salt is not really edible.

After making my citrus garland I had some fruit left over which I was able to use a needle and thread to put hanging loops on to turn into beautiful stained glass tree decorations.

The obvious next step was to mull some wine. Of course. I’ve recently got some new copper pans and I want to use them for everything. All the time. Forever.

Every year before now I’ve mulled my own wine, but I always add ground spices – which make my drink grainy and means you end up using your teeth as a kind of sieve. Gross. This year I bought Marks & Spencer’s bottled mulled wine, and just haven’t looked back.

While the wine was heating, time to make some popcorn to make into garlands and string onto the tree.

This is really easy and really satisfying, and it looks great in long strings wrapped around the tree.

What you need:

  • 1 small bag of popping corn (it makes a lot)
  • 1 sewing needle
  • Thread – any colour
  • A large pan with a lid (you can put a plate over the pan if you don’t have a lid)

It’s really easy:

  • Put a small amount of oil into the bottom of a large pan and put on a medium heat.
  • After 2 minutes pour in the popping corn and put the lid on
  • Soon you will hear the corn begin to pop. This will continue, getting more and more regular.
  • Hold the lid on firmly and give the pan a shake so the un-popped corn gets to the bottom where it will heat and pop.
  • When the popping seems to be over take the pan of the heat and leave for a few moments incase of any late surprises.
  • When the popcorn is cool, thread a needle with a long thread and make a knot in the end, as if you are sewing. Then thread reach piece of popcorn onto the garland until you have used up the length of your string.
  • Hang each completed string on the tree until you have used up all of the popcorn.

Edible Christmas Decorations



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