Christmas Garland of Orange & Lemons (& Grapefruits, limes, apples & cinnamon)

I love making Christmas decorations.

I love the process of being involved in every part of making Christmas happen, and I’m never happier than when I feel a real ownership over the things in my house getting cosier and cosier as we pull down the blinds and huddle in together for Christmas.

I’ve never tried to make a garland before. I had big ideas about going to be park and finding pine cones and fronds of branches fir branches, bringing them home with some holly, attaching it all and putting it on the door to feel pleased with myself. To be honest, I fell at the first hurdle here, it turns out there are no mighty pine tress or fir cones in my local park, or on my journey to work, so I needed a rethink.

No need to look any further than my fruit bowl to make a beautiful and fragrant wreath that I’m endlessly proud of. The dried fruit looks like little stained glass windows and it makes the room smell incredible.

Dried orange DIY Christmas decorations wreath

What you need

  • Any mixture of oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes, apples.
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Thin wire
  • Any other accessories you want, like holly, fir cones etc

Dried orange and cinnamon DIY wreath


It’s really simple

  • Put the oven on to a low heat – around 50 degrees.
  • Slice up the fruit as finely as you can, the finer the fruit the more quickly it will dry out in the oven and the more transparent it will become.
  • Once it’s all sliced up, put onto wire racks, trying not to let them overlap too much, and put them into the oven. They will need to be in the oven at around 50 degrees for around 5 hours. There should be no need to turn them as the heat will reach them from all directions on the wire rack.
  • Once they have completely dried out they should be shiny and translucent like stained glass, and your kitchen will smell amazing.

Dried orange and cinnamon DIY wreath

  • Once everything has cooled, you can being assembling the wreath. Taking some wire, carefully thread the slices on one by one, stopping every so often to add an cinnamon stick / other decoration. (If you want to use cinnamon sticks you will need to use a tool to carefully make a hole in these to feed the wire through).
  • Feed all of the wire through, until you run out of fruit or wire, which ever comes first. Then tie the wire in a knot, making sure all sharp edges are smoothed down.

Dried orange and cinnamon DIY wreath

  • Next take the ribbon and wrap it around any rough edges, tie in a bow and leave a loop to attach to a hook on a door.


It smells so so good, and if it’s dried out fully, it will last you pretty much for ever if you keep it in a dry place.

Happy Christmas!



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