Christmas on a Cargo Bike

For much longer than I’ve had the claim to an ‘Unemployment Diary’ my boyfriend Lawrence has had a much better claim.

Whilst I spent around 30 days in the unemployment wilderness drinking gin and thinking about doing some exercise, Lawrence quit his job, learned to weld, where to buy metal tubes and how to bend them, then designed and built his first cargo bicycle, in our London living room. He took his prototype bicycle on a 5000km test ride to China to see if it was good enough, and it most certainly was. Now Lawrence runs Porterlight Bicycles, hand making each and every part of each bespoke cargo bike in his North London workshop – the living room was never going to work as a long term solution.

The cargo bike is fantastically useful all the time – going on a weekly shop, or a booze run, or taking everything we need for and extravagant picnic in the park. I also have big plans for when we move house in January.

Today, it was the perfect way to get our Christmas tree from park to home, so we can really kick Christmas off!


Cargo Bicycle Christmas tree





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  1. atkokosplace says:

    Brilliant! Now that’s taking an idea and putting ambition and skill behind it! Way to go! Best wishes in the business. Happy New Year! Koko 🙂

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