Foraged Passion Fruit, Figs & A Trip To The Farm – AKA London; The Village

Today, after spending Saturday in bed feeling under the weather, I decided it was time to shake it off and go to see what was going on at Hackney City Farm. Of course.


The walk from our house to the farm is more than an hour, during which time I realised I was still unwell, and I had to sit on the floor and think about going home. I shook it off, again, like Taylor would want, and made it to the farm. I was excited to see a cow. That excitement was short lived because there were no cows there. But there was a goat, and the goat liked to eat conkers, which in a lot of ways is better then a cow anyway.

DSC01314  DSC01348

I don’t think I like chickens, even when they have great hair.

After we had looked at the animals and fed conkers to the goats, after we’d watched the toddlers scare the chickens and the chickens scare the toddlers, we went into the farm shop to see what farm people get up to inside. But the queue was huge, so we went to look at their pottery sale and we hit gold.

The actually pottery that they were selling was all a bit twee and over done, but their 50p rejects bucket was full of treasure.

Delicate treasure in bags we went to Columbia Road Flower market, literally just over the road from the farm. I love buying flowers. I will always, always, have a bunch or two of flowers int he house. I don’t have a garden, and so I always have to buy them, and this seemed like the perfect Sunday trip. All of the people in London has the same idea. I stuck with it for 5 minutes and then had to cut my losses and go for a gin a tonic on a side road – flowerless as I had arrived.

Columbia Road Flower Market

DSC01371  DSC01369

We got back home flowerless, but with the beautiful 50p pottery form the farm shop. Our walk home took us past a passion flower tree with some ripe fruit (I had to pick it and then Google when I got home to make sure I wasn’t making an awful mistake), and a fig tree. Afternoon snacks sorted.

Foraged fruit and new found pottery

I’s so happy with any time London becomes a village – when the trees are over flowing with fruit and there are farms to visit, and then you can come home and drink champaign cocktails and be happy. It’s my idea of a perfect and ideal day.

DSC01365  DSC01364     1


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