Raspberry Kumquat Gin

I love a good infusion, I think that’s something we can all agree on by now. If it’s colourful and boozy it’s got my name all over it. I love when fruit that I just haven’t got round to eating yet takes on a whole new life – especially when that new life is as something that makes my life just a little boozier.

Infusing your own drinks is a really nice, and so simple, way to personalise your cocktails. The first time i was drinking one of my own creations I couldn’t have been more proud (/smug), simultaneously wanting to share it (to show everyone just how clever I’d been) and keep it all just for myself.

An infused bottle of anything makes a great present, what’s more personal than ‘when I think of you, I think raspberries and getting drunk’? Nothing, that’s right.

Here’s everything you need to make your own Raspberry Kumquat Gin – which you can keep or share, depending on if you’re a better person than me, or not.

Here’s what you need:

  • Handful of flaked almonds – not toasted and definitely not salted.
  • Handful / half a punnet of raspberries at any stage of ripeness. There’s no such thing as over ripe here.
  • 4/5 kumquats, cut into halves and quarters.
  • A sealable jar / a bottle with a wide neck.
  • Enough gin to top up your bottle / jar.


It’s really easy:

  • Clean you jar and fruit
  • Put the almonds into the bottom of the clean jar
  • Put the raspberries on top
  • Roughly cut you kumquats into halves and quarters, then put them in too!
  • Fill the jar up to the top with gin
  • Put it somewhere, and don’t drink it, for at least a week. The colour will change into a beautiful pink pretty quickly. Leave it for as long as you can, because the flavour takes a little longer than the colour to come through.
  • Serve! Drink! Be merry!
  • Sometimes, some of the fruit makes it’s way into the glass when you’re drinking. They have a strong gin flavour. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Day One: Gin coloured gin
Day Six: Pink gin


Day 12 -
Day 12 – Pink Gin that tastes of raspberries and tastes of it too!

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