Wild strawberry cocktail

What better way to celebrate getting a new job than to buy exotic booze?

Exactly, I totally agree. So that’s just what I did. And then I got too busy to tell you about it. I’m really sorry, but now I’m back and I promise we’ll never be apart again.

I’ve long lusted after this wild strawberry liquor on the M&S shelves. It’s a beautiful colour and has tiny little wild strawberries floating in it.It’s always seemed a little too fancy, a bit too special, something I could look at, but never have. Until now. Now I’m suddenly a grown up, with a good job, and the ability to put a quilt cover on by myself, if there’s no other option. I’ve got a herb garden in which all of the plants have survived and I can even do basic sums in Excel.

Wild Strawberry liquor cocktail

Basically: I’ve earned this wild strawberry liquor. It’s my new celebration drink.

To celebrate I made a really simple, and delicious, strawberry and lime cocktail. It was great – you should make one too.

Here’s what you need:

  • Fragola wild strawberry liquor (or any other strawberry liquor you’ve been lusting over)
  • 1 lime
  • A splash of tonic water

It’s really easy:

  • For each serving pour 50ml of strawberry liquor into your shaker
  • Add a squeeze of lime juice


  • Put the lid on and shake shake shake


  • Pour the cocktail into glasses, making sure to scoop out all of the strawberries, and top up with tonic
  • Add ice if you like

_IGP5039 _IGP5047


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