Employment by Numbers

Although it was stressful and worrying in its own way, it would be a lie to say I was busy while I was unemployed. There were no late nights making last minute changes to presentations or looking at my watch and realising it was  3pm and I hadn’t even started on the project that was going to take five hours. Being unemployed, in retrospect, was a lazy lazy blast. Although something of a boring one.

In one exciting day, all of that changed. On the same day I signed the contract for my (amazing) new job, my boyfriend, Lawrence, found out that he had won a pop up shop in Covent Garden, which was going to open in two weeks time. I had helped put together the pitch for the shop – we hadn’t really in our heart of hearts believed that we’d actually win, and so we had gone BIG. As well as the shop being open in the day time we had promised to put on 5 free public events with 12 speakers and free drinks. We suddenly had 2 weeks to pull everything together, and then two more week of running the shop.

With new job and extravagant shop, I was about the have the busiest month ever – working for 19 days without a break.INFORGAPHIC EMPLOYMENT

Even though it’s been super tiring and there were times when I just wanted to lie down and stop doing things, and for everyone else to just go away, it’s been great!

The shop was a huge success and some really great things and new friends have come from it. And my new job is fantastic, I’m really loving it there.

This is the first time in 20 days that I haven’t been rushed off my feet – I wonder what will happen next.


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