Foraging gone right.

I could say my cherry mishap made me cautious, but really it made me annoyed. Or maybe determined not to be beaten. There was, quite literally, low hanging fruit for the taking, and I was going to get some.

Last week, armed with some tupperware and a cake tin off we went to hunt and gather, mostly gather, in North London.


One thing that was really nice about our trip was that almost everyone we met was very keen to stop for a chat, which was really nice in way; being in the sun, picking fruit, the agrarian lifestyle brought to London. In another way though, it did begin to wear a little thin when they almost exclusively wanted to tell us that it was too early to start picking and we wouldn’t end up with anything.

It’s definitely not full blackberry season yet, and there were a large number that were nowhere near ready, the real problem seemed to be exactly the opposite to us being too early: other people had beaten us to it.



After a good couple of hours of picking, and climbing into the depths of the brambles where the people who had got there before us hadn’t dared to venture,  we had filled our tupperware with 800g of blackberries.


Walking home we went past what I was SURE was a redcurrant bush, so after a quick Google of a leaf to be sure, we got to double forage, ending up with 750g of redcurrants. I was super pleased because they’re so good to make into drinks and deserts.

Foraging gone very right!





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