The Sous Chef & The Wasp

I love Sous Chef, but up until now that love has been an abstract idea since, despite the hours I’d spent filling up dream shopping baskets, I’d never actually bought anything. Until now!

I bought a mixture of things I needed that Sous Chef had cheaper than Amazon, things I’d heard of but never tried, and things with beautiful packaging.

It all arrived as I was so excited to see all my new ingredients I got them all out on the floor to take a photo.

Sous Chef Delivery. Mint Water. Soy Sauce. Saffron. Coconut Jam. Hibiscus Syrup. Sesame oil. Lime Marmalade. Seaweed. Marinated Bamboo

But my love (lust) blinded me, so at the same time I sat on a wasp and got stung on the bum. Which I hated.

Wasp. Dead Wasp. Sting. Bum

At least Sous Chef were sympathetic over Twitter – I knew I loved them for a reason.


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