Aperol Spritz

For Bastille Day I wanted to do something that reminded me of my two years living in Paris. I made a Tomato Tart Tatin, I ate unpasteurised cheese, and the only drink that I considered to go along side it was an Aperol Spritz.

I know, Aperol isn’t a French drink, but France is where I discovered it and I’ve been weak to its charms ever since.


A bottle of Aperol lasts a me long time, because I find its bitter flavour works better for me as an occasional treat than a regular indulgence. That means I always have some in the cocktail cabinet when I’m in need of remembering Parisian summers.

Making Aperol Spritz is really really simple:

  • The ratios are: 2 parts Aperol, 3 parts prosecco and 1 part tonic.
  • Pour the Aperol into a cocktail flute (or coupe), and top up with the prosecco & tonic. Then garnish with a slice of orange.


Because Aperol is only 11%, it really is a refreshing summer drink to make you (or me, mostly) think of France.

Best to listen to this song whilst you drink it, to really get into the French frame of mind.


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