Orange and Acacia Blossom Vodka Fruit Punch

I’ve really caught the bug for infusing my own drinks. It’s so satisfying to be able to offer people something unique when they come over. It’s so easy and the drinks are so nice – I’m totally hooked.

Acacia, also known as locust flower, is all over London. Most of the time it’s a fairly inconspicuous looking tree, but in June it really really comes into its’ own.

Acacia Locust Flowers. Honey tree.

It’s suddenly covered in beautiful flowers which smell just like honey and are edible. They really are lovely, a few years ago, when my sister got married, I carefully picked some from a tree by the train stations, wrapped them up in wet tissue paper to keep them fresh on my journey, and wore them in my hair for the ceremony.

With my mom at my sisters wedding.

I’ve moved house since them, and now they grow on a tree on our street, so I didn’t have to go far to pick a few. Perfect, I thought, for making a Summer Punch. And I was right!

I actually made this at the beginning of June and have been topping up the jar whenever necessary- the alcohol preserves the fruit and flowers so there’s nothing to worry about.

I made mine in a really large jar, but if you make it in a small one – or decant some out later – it’s perfect to take on a picnic.

Orange and Acacia Locust Flowers vodka. Summer Punch. Infusion. Honey Flower

What you need:

  • 4 whole oranges.
  • 2l Vodka
  • Acacia Blossom
  • Something to put it in. I made this in a bottle first of all – but after trying to fish out orange pieces with a chopstick when I wanted to clean the bottle I was glad to switch to a jar.

It’s really simple:

  • Use a zester or a grater to take long strips of orange zest from the oranges. Add to the jar
  • Cut the oranges into large chunks. Squeeze the juice of half of them into the jar and then add all of the chunks.
  • Add all of the Acacia Blossom to the jar.
  • Cover with vodka and then leave for a few days. Over time the liquid will turn an orange colour and then you’re good to go.
  • You can top this up as often as you like. Eventually the orange chunks will begin to lose their colour and you can replace them with fresh fruit if you like.

Acacia Locust Flowers. Honey tree. Orange infused vodka. Summer Punch. Tonic.

The punch is great to have as a vodka and tonic, or you can make it more summery by mixing with pineapple juice in the sun.

Acacia Locust Flowers. Honey tree. Orange infused vodka. Summer Punch. Tonic.


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