Cherry Infused Gin

Despite my most recent attempt to forage cherries being a potentially poisonous disaster I was still in the mood for something fruity, and being one of gin’s biggest fans, cherry gin seemed like the obvious summer choice.

I made mine in a small Kilner bottle, but you can make it in any bottle, or even a jam jar. Let’s be honest – this isn’t going to end up sitting on the shelf all summer. Unless you have the self control of a saint.


Things you need:

  • Cherries
  • 1/2 a litre of gin
  • About 100ml of kirsch to enhance the flavour (optional)

It was super simple to make:

  • Take the cherries and removing the stem and stones, cut them into quarters.
  • Put the cherries into your bottle or jar and pour over the kirsch if you’re using it. I only had a small amount left, so I used it up.
  • Pour gin up to the top and seal.
  • Leave to infuse for a couple of days. By day 2 mine had turned a lovely pink colour and I was officially in love.

The only thing to do now is to see how it performs in a cocktail.

Cherry Infused Gin. Cocktail. Cherries. Sumer

(It’s great in a cocktail. Of course. I went for a martini by adding a splash of vermouth, tonic and some of the syrup from Maraschino cherries. I like being unemployed.)


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