Becoming A Free Agent.

On the 18th of June 2015 I stopped working for the Mobile Advertising agency that I had been at for the last eight months, and began being at home. Or in the park. Or at the gym outside of peak times. Really, anywhere apart from my old office – I had to give back my door fob.

The things that needed to happen for my short term contract to become permanent: the perfect alignment of stars, my team winning at the company sports day, and most importantly, that big new client signing didn’t all come together. So there I was again, a free agent.

The 18th of June was also,  as my CEO was pleased to point out, the real beginning of the summer in London. So I was going to have plenty of time to do what ever it was I wanted without a care in my job hunting mind. Except things like what if no one ever wanted me again, what if I couldn’t pay the rent, what if I forgot to brush my teeth until 6pm every day and stayed on the sofa for so long my body fused to it. But more or less not a care.

I packed my things into two Whole Food bags that I found in the office kitchen (not mine of course, but I may as well leave pretending to be fancy with my pot plant and post-it notes), and got the only thing that I would ever expense to the company; my taxi home.

My boyfriend took the next day away from working at the company he’s setting up (he’s a different sort of free agent) and stayed home with me, expecting a great despair to wash over me when I least expected it in the aisles of Tesco, but it didn’t come. It’s been 10 days now and it doesn’t seem like it’s on its way, so I suppose I’ve dealt with it and I’m ready to get going. The only lingering regret that I’ve had so far was when I remembered that I left my unopened punnet of grapes in the fridge at, what had been, work. The true casualty of all of this.

So far I’ve had a few meetings with recruiters, and tomorrow and Wednesday I have phone interviews for jobs I’m not certain I’m suitable for. I’ve talked my way into the parade at London Gay Pride 2015 and discovered a great place in Stoke Newington where everything is beautiful and they refill wine bottles, I’ve been to the park and the gym and made a coconut cake. Whilst I don’t want it to be a long term relationship I feel like unemployment and I are going to get along just fine. For now, at least.



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